Often we get comfortable in the rhythm of our daily lives and go on autopilot in terms of personal development. Sometimes this is a coping mechanism for things going on in our lives, and other times it is just another way of avoiding what we know needs to happen: Change.

Change can be a wonderful, exhilarating thing, but it can also be stressful and scary. Especially when it pushes us outside our comfort zone, causes us to rethink our situation, or to reach for goals and dreams that we want but may be afraid of actually achieving (Will it be all that I hoped it would be?).

For me, major change tends to occur in chunks. I’ll let a lot of things, big and small, build up that need adjustment, and then I’ll essentially go off the deep end and change everything. I think of change as a train whistle (cue Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”) in the distance. I hear it, but it’s still way off. I know it’s coming, so I start looking around my life at what needs adjustment and I do little things to prepare for it, but overall I try to ignore it’s impending arrival. I let things build up. I procrastinate. As the train whistle gets closer and louder, I begin the mental preparation for what lies ahead. Then, finally, when change is blowing through the station and I know its time to stop procrastinating – I jump and see where it takes me.

I’ve been hearing that whistle for a while now. I know change is coming for me, and I’ve been slowly getting ready. There are a lot of areas in my life that need adjustment, improvement. It’s time to kick the preparations for change up a notch and get ready for a better version of me.