Inspiration comes from a variety of different sources – a book, a song, a beautiful vista. This week my inspiration came from my sweet baby girl who reminded me with her effervescent personality, that life should be fun.

Nuggets of wisdom from Little M:

– Just say “Hi!” and people will say it back

– Smile with your whole face

– Anytime is a good time to read a good book

– It’s okay to sing, even if you don’t know all the words

– Water is a toy all by itself

– Sometimes, squealling, being noisy and silly is REALLY fun

– Laughing makes you feel better about everything

– Shoes are not required

– Always say “please” and “thank you”

– Start everyday with hugs and kisses

– End everyday with more hugs and kisses

– Every meal does not have to be fruits, veggies, and protein

– Barney is not such a bad guy after all

Thank you Little M. You are my Sunshine.

Love, Mommy


I’m a reader. I. Love. To. Read. I read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, cereal boxes, the Fine Print. (Heck, I even read my husband’s Popular Mechanics.) I practically drool over the Best Seller’s Lists, and I’m constantly making my own lists of books that I’ve seen commented on in print or heard about from family or friends. 

I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I didn’t enjoy reading, or that I didn’t have something to read nearby. It has been noted on several occasions that I exited the womb twenty days late in the heat of August. I can only imagine that I was curled up with a good book and didn’t want to leave until I had finished it.

Years ago, I watched a made for television movie on Catherine the Great. I was so impressed and curious about her and Russian history in general, that I ended up reading every book I could get my hands on regarding the Czars of Russia predating Ivan the Terrible and going all the way through the assassination of Nicholas II. It was a feast for the mind.

That said, imagine my surprise and dismay when in early January I realized that over the course of the entire preceding year I had read three (count them…one, two, three) books (not including children’s board books of which I’d read MANY). It had been a busy year and I had let other things – some important, and some, not so much – take priority. Now January was here and bringing with it a stack of unread books and magazines taunting me from seemingly every room in the house. My brain cried out for nourishment. There was only one thing to do…

I set a goal.

You were thinking resolution, I know you were, but I don’t like resolutions. However, I do love goals! So I set a goal of reading one book a month for the entire year. Then I set another goal to beat my first goal. I’m happy to report that I’m well on my way to achieving both goals. Follow my progress on my Book Shelf page, and tell me what you are reading right now. I am always lusting after the next great read.